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Pig Price Update 5th November

Demand for pigs from all processors remains very strong and this has resulted in a 4c/kg price increase for this week’s supply. This leaves the price farmers are quoted this week range from €1.90c/kg yup to a common price of €1.92c/kg.

The trend and outlook for pig price remains positive with processors and exporters struggling to meet the demand for product from buyers. The Chinese import demand due to the devasting effect that ASF has had on pig production in that part of the world, is underpinning the market. This supply shortage and increased import demand from China and neighbouring ASF affected countries will remain a major factor on the Irish and European pigmeat market for the foreseeable future. Tom Hogan, IFA Pig Chairman, called on the DAFM and all competent authorities to increase controls against ASF spread across pig producing countries, including our own island.

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