Farmers Urged to Be Safe on Roads During Harvest

With the harvest underway, IFA Grain Committee Chairman Liam Dunne is urging farmers to be extremely careful, especially when transporting grain on public roads.

“Farmers need to be safety conscious at all times, but especially when using farm machinery on public roads. Check machinery in advance and make sure all those in charge of farm vehicles are all experienced drivers.”

The IFA Chairman said the harvest can be challenging and farmers should avoid risks on the road: “Understandably, farmers will be anxious to get as much done as possible during the busy harvest season, but it is important to remember that danger could literally be around the next corner. Any mishap will be very expensive in terms of time and money and could cause a serious accident or injury. Farmers and their contractors have a special responsibility when putting tractors and other large machinery on the public road. Never take the risk with other people’s lives and your own livelihood.”

Courtesy pays huge benefits, the IFA Chairman, said as he urged farmers to be mindful of other road users. “Allow other vehicles to pass whenever possible and be careful of speed in urban areas, narrow roads and uneven surfaces. Respect other road users at all times.”

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