IFA Demands Pay out on All Disadvantaged Areas Payments Immediately

IFA Deputy President Eddie Downey said it was totally unacceptable that up to one-third of farmers have not received their Disadvantaged Area payment, and he demanded that Minister Simon Coveney deliver on his commitment and pay all farmers without further delay.

He said Minister Coveney was quoted on the opening day of the Ploughing Championships in Co Laois last week as saying, “I am particularly pleased to see that these payments…. are issuing on target, particularly given the significance of Direct Aid payments to individual farmers and the wider rural community”.This is little consolation for the thousands for farmers who have yet to receive their payment. The onus is now on the Minister to speed up the process and ensure all farmers are paid.

Mr Downey said, “Given the severe income and cashflow crisis on thousands of farms as a result of the very high costs earlier this year, any delay in payment is putting unnecessary, additional pressure on farm families. Farmers were promised this money in September and they are rightly angry that they haven’t been paid”.

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