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Returning Unused BAR Funds Would be Huge Failure – IFA
Farmers Being Used as Pawns in Political Game – IFA President
Nitrates Derogation
IFA Poster Campaign at Ploughing Highlights Urgent Issues for Minister
Farm Incomes
Taoiseach to Seek Meeting with EU Commission on Nitrates Derogation
Nitrates Derogation
IFA Protest at Fianna Fáil Think in Continues
IFA to Protest at Party ‘Think-ins’ this Week
Farm Incomes
Brexit Priorities
BAR Funds Cannot Go Back to Brussels
IFA Presents pre-Budget Priorities to Minister for Agriculture
Budget Submissions
Farmers’ Futures Matter – IFA to Hold Rally in Kilkenny this Friday
Nitrates Derogation
IFA Looking for Farm Workers to be Included in Critical Skills Occupation List
Labour Permits
Minister Ryan’s Conflicting Comments on CPOs Unhelpful in Debate on Nature Restoration Law
Bog Rewetting
EU Commission Must Take Stock After Latest Vote on Nature Restoration Law
Climate Action