Cross Sectors


National Budget Issues

IFA engages with Government on an ongoing basis to secure funding and taxation support for farming and the agriculture sector .

Budget Submissions

Brexit and Trade

We work in Europe and at home to ensure Irish agriculture is safeguarded in the EU-UK Brexit negotiations and in ongoing EU trade negotiations.

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CAP Reform

IFA engages with all European political institutions & organisations to ensure strong representation of Irish farmers’ interests in the CAP

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Reports & analysis

Budget Reports

IFA provides a summary of the main Budget decisions affecting agriculture and farm families each year, including changes in expenditure taxation and social welfare measures.

Budget Reports

Farm Income Review

IFA’s annual Farm Income Review presents economic and statistical analysis on farm incomes for the year in question and over a number of recent years.

Farm Income Review Reports

Value of Agriculture

IFA compiles and commissions analysis of the value of agriculture to the Irish economy, including information on farm structures, incomes, and value of output and exports.

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Recent Submissions

IFA responds develops policy in a range of areas to ensure Irish farmers’ interests are considered in national consultation processes and in the development of Government policy.

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