CSO Figures Show Pressure on Farm Families


IFA President Tim Cullinan said today’s CSO figures show the gap is widening between the cost of inputs and what farmers are getting. Output prices are struggling to keep pace with the surging price of inputs.

“For the first time this year, aggregate prices paid to farmers, particularly among the low-income drystock sectors, have fallen. This is at a time when inputs have risen nearly 40%. Fertiliser is up 133%; energy has risen 51% and feed costs are 34% higher,” he said.

The IFA President said farm businesses cannot continue to absorb the gap between the cost of producing food, and what they are paid.

Ahead of IFA’s pre-Budget meeting with Oireachtas members tomorrow, he said Government will have to bring forward a range of targeted measures in Budget ’23.

“Given what lies ahead on energy prices, and the huge increases in other inputs, the farming sector will need support to keep its head above water. We have held meetings with Ministers Donohoe, McGrath and McConalogue to emphasise the very serious pressures that exist. IFA will reinforce the challenges at our briefing tomorrow,” he said.

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