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Farmers Encouraged to Check IFA Timber Price Survey Before Selling

IFA Farm Forestry Chair Jason Fleming said in an effort to increase transparency of timber prices, IFA has resumed its price survey.

“Due to limited timber sales and the ongoing issues with farmers getting felling licences in 2021, we have found it difficult to get consistent information on timber prices,” Jason Fleming said.

“As private forests mature, it’s vital that farmers have access to reliable timber price information. They need to better understand market conditions and the price they can expect for their timber,” he said.

The latest timber price survey is now available here.

The most recent survey showed that prices varied significantly. Roadside pulpwood prices ranged from €26/t to €44/t. Stakewood was priced from €42/t to €75/t. Palletwood was quoted from €40/t to €82/t. The price for sawlog ranged between €95/t to €127/t.

Standing prices also varied for first thinnings which were quoted between €12/t to €22/t. Second thinnings ranged from €19/t to €42/t, with third thinnings from €25/t to €48/t. Clearfell prices ranged between €50/t to €92/t.

IFA is encouraging farmers to be informed and prepare in advance of selling timber.

“It is very important that farmers get a number of quotes before selling timber, and talk with other forest owners or your local IFA Farm Forestry representative to get advice,” Jason Fleming concluded.

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