AgriForValor – Biomass Innovation Hub

AgriForValor Project

Agriculture and forestry biomass, byproducts and waste side-streams can be a key resource for the development of regional bioeconomies.

The identification of existing and emerging technologies, processes and innovations suitable to create and add value to these side-streams is a key challenge.

The AGRIFORVALOR seeks to meet this challenge by facilitating engagement between farmers/forest owners and stakeholders from Bio-industry, Research/ Academia and Innovation Agencies in order to bridge the research and innovation divide and stimulate market uptake of biomass resources into added value products.

Farmers and forest owners can have an important role to play as potential suppliers of side-streams. There may also be future opportunities to become active partners in biomass value chains as well as gaining both knowledge and support in exploiting emerging research and exploring business development.

Irish Hub

The AGRIFORVALOR project has established three Biomass Innovation Design Hubs, in Ireland, Spain and Hungary.

In Ireland, the Hub partners include organisations such as the Institute of Technology Tralee (Hub Manager), the Irish Farmers Association, the Irish Forest and Forest Products Association (IBEC) as well as Teagasc.

Each Hub will support a national network of farmers and forest owners, together with suitable partners and technology stakeholders, to identify opportunities for the development of bio-products and new value chains. This will be achieved via the sharing of identified innovations and best practice within and across the hubs and providing the follow-up business development supports required.

The Irish Hub network is open to all with an interest in adding value to biomass, individuals can join by registering here.

This will provide members with access to the extensive knowledge and expertise base of the EU wide AGRIFORVALOR team.

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