Beef Finisher Scheme – How to Apply

The Beef Finisher Payment Scheme is open for applications until Wednesday 9th September.

The following is a guide to the application process taken from the Department of Agriculture’s full scheme terms and conditions, available here.

Step 1. Login to and select the ‘Exceptional Aid Measures’

After you log into you will see your applications, the selection will depend on what schemes you participate in.

Click on the Exceptional Aid Measures link.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Select Scheme To Enter’ menu item access the Scheme List

Step 3. Select the ‘Beef Finisher Payment Option’

Step 4. Click the ‘New Application’ button

Step 5. Review your details

The application form is pre-populated with your details, these include the number of animals that qualify for BFP.

If no animals are displayed or you do not agree with the numbers you have the option to request a review.

You should input the details and complete the form in full and submit the application.

Step 6. Complete the rest of the fields

If you have submitted a 2020 BPS application but your BFP form displays a ‘No’ you can input a note.

If you are not a Bord Bia SBLAS member you can commit to becoming a member before 30-Sept-2020.

Step 7. Complete the form and then click ‘Submit Application’

Step 8. Submission Confirmation

Once you have completed your application and click submit, a message will display to confirm your application is submitted.