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European Commission Daily News 8th June

Commission launches public consultation on review of the EU marketing standards for agricultural products

Today, the Commission launched a public consultation, which aims to gather views for a possible revision of the EU marketing standards for agricultural products. Marketing standards establish the quality of products that are marketed to consumers through mandatory rules or optional reserved terms. They rely on technical product specifications to define uniform trade characteristics. For agricultural products, this covers freshness or size classification, presentation, labelling, packaging etc., but product specifications may also touch upon process and production methods. The consultation addresses in particular the potential of marketing standards to increase the supply of sustainable products and to streamline the current legislation. It targets operators in the food supply chain such as producers, traders, retailers, and their associations, consumers, civil society organisations and national authorities. Announced in the Farm to Fork Strategy, the review follows an overall evaluation process of the EU marketing standards laid down in the common market organisation, the ‘breakfast directives’ and Commission legislative acts. The consultation is open for 12 weeks, from 8 June to 31 August 2021. More information here

COLLEGE MEETING: EU budget 2022 – Speeding up Europe’s recovery and progressing towards a green, digital and resilient future

The Commission has today proposed an annual EU budget of €167.8 billion for 2022, to be complemented by an estimated €143.5 billion in grants under NextGenerationEU. Their combined firepower will mobilise significant investments to boost the economic recovery, safeguard sustainability, and create jobs. It will prioritise green and digital spending in order to make Europe more resilient and fit for the future. Commissioner Johannes Hahn, responsible for the EU Budget, said: “Today, we are putting forward unprecedented levels of financial support to reinforce Europe’s recovery from the health and economic crises. We will help the people, companies and regions that have been most affected by the pandemic. We will invest in Europe’s resilience and its modernisation via the green and digital transition. Getting Europe back on track, speeding up its recovery and making it fit for the future are our main priorities!” The draft budget 2022, boosted by NextGenerationEU, directs funds to where they can make the greatest difference, in line with the most crucial recovery needs of the EU Member States and our partners around the world. The funding will help rebuild and modernise our Union, by fostering the green and digital transitions, creating jobs and strengthening Europe’s role in the world. The budget reflects the EU’s political priorities, which are relevant to ensure a sustainable recovery. You will find more information in this press release.

COLLEGE MEETING: EU budget 2020 – performance report underlines that the EU has provided a rapid and comprehensive response to the coronavirus crisis while supporting its key priorities

The EU budget has enabled the EU to provide a rapid and comprehensive response to the coronavirus crisis and its consequences, while supporting its core priorities. Financial resources therefore had to be mobilized quickly and flexibly in order to meet the most urgent needs, without making any compromise on the application of the highest standards in financial management. The Commission is presenting today two complementary documents concerning reporting on the performance of the EU budget: an annual report on the management and performance of the EU budget and a forward-looking communication on the performance framework for the EU budget. long term for the period 2021-2027.From the first document, the annual management and performance report, it emerged that the EU budget, despite its relatively small size, is capable of achieving major results and can play a decisive role in terms of crisis. The Commission’s strong internal control framework ensured optimal and effective protection of the EU budget throughout the year. The performance framework, which is the subject of the second document, will ensure that the European Commission continues to place a strong emphasis on results achieved in the future, starting with the effective implementation of the current multiannual financial framework. , which the NextGenerationEU stimulus instrument will complete. Together, together they represent the biggest stimulus package ever funded by the EU budget. More information can be found in ourpress release . 

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