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IFA & NFU Meet to Discuss a Range of Issues

The Presidents of the Irish Farmers’ Association and the National Farmers’ Union held a bi-lateral meeting online today to discuss issues of mutual concern.

The meeting coincided with the debate in Plenary of the European Parliament about the future relationship between the UK and the EU post-Brexit and the vote by MEPs today on the ratification of the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

“IFA supports the endorsement of the TCA between the EU and the UK, and we welcome the greater certainty in the market as a result of the agreement,” said IFA President Tim Cullinan.

Both organisations will continue to work together for the advancement of farmers on the island of Ireland and in the UK and will defend against any trade deals that could jeopardise the current market for products from vulnerable sectors.  NFU President Minette Batters said, “the trade in commodities must not become a race to the bottom”.

The strong links that exist between here and the UK will remain in place.

Tim Cullinan and Minette Batters re-affirmed their firm commitment to the adherence to world class standards that underpin food production in the UK and Ireland.

The two Presidents said any future trade deals between the UK and 3rd countries have to provide a cast-iron guarantee that will recognise these standards fully.

The two delegations also discussed market developments across all sectors, where retail demand supported by strong levels of traceability for consumers, ensured a strong performance.

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