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Taoiseach Must Reject Proposed Cut to CAP Tabled at EU Talks Today

IFA President Tim Cullinan said the latest papers from the EU Council meeting in Brussels show that rather than increasing the overall allocation for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) it has been reduced by some €5bn.

“In the draft before the talks began, €15bn was allocated to the Rural Development (Pillar 2) element of the CAP from the €750bn recovery fund. We understand this has now been reduced to €10bn,” he said.

“This cut is unacceptable, and the Taoiseach must make it clear that it is a total non-runner,” he said.

“We cannot have a scenario where our Taoiseach comes back from the talks with less for the CAP than he went out with, the CAP budget must increase not reduce,” he said.

“It is easy to talk the talk but now he needs to walk the walk,” he said.

“The EU wants farmers to do more for the environment and biodiversity yet they will not back it up with the necessary funding,” he said.


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