Export Figures Show the Price Pressure That Farmers Are Under

Reacting to today’s export figures from Bord Bia, IFA President Joe Healy said the small decline in value underlines the price pressure on farmers.


Joe Healy said, “Volume growth is all well and good, but the primary producer has to see a decent price return for their work and investment. Given the high standards we are expected to reach in producing food, there has to be a viable price & income for farmers”.

The IFA President said today’s report also reinforces the importance of the UK market and, by extension, the catastrophe that a hard Brexit outcome would mean for farmers in this country.


“€4.5bn or 37% of our food exports went to the UK last year, which is an increase on 2017. This figure shows in stark form what is at stake for farming & food in this country. As the March deadline looms, we need to see a comprehensive support package in place for our sector”, he said.

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