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Farm Safety Week 2020

Farm Safety Week 2020 takes place from the 20th to 24th July

2020 marks the eight annual Farm Safety Week UK & Ireland, an initiative led by the IFA in Ireland, aiming to reduce the number of accidents on farms and bring about a change in culture that makes unsafe practices socially unacceptable. The message for this year’s campaign is: Save Lives: Let’s Take Farm Safety Seriously.

Watch Elizabeth’s Story

Trauma on Farms in the Republic of Ireland 2014 – 2016

About Farm Safety Week

Farm Safety Week is supported by a number of agencies, including the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and members of the Farm Safety Partnership Advisory Committee.

Farm Safety Week is an initiative of the Farm Safety Foundation.

Farming continues to have one of the poorest safety records of any sector in Ireland, last year 19 people lost their lives in farm accidents, with 14 confirmed deaths so far in 2020.

The campaign seeks to:

  • Continue to raise awareness of farming having one of the poorest safety records of any occupation in the UK and Ireland.
  • Highlight that the industry is aware of this and is working to address the issue.
  • Share good practice and demonstrate what good looks like
  • Continue to support the physical and mental wellbeing of the industry by increasing understanding of how to support those dealing with mental health issues in the industry


Farm Safety Competition

Open Your Eyes to Farm Safety Video 

IFA has come together with Nenagh CBS in North Tipperary to sponsora farm safety video and competition with 10 prizes of €500, please enter the competition and share with your family and friends to raise awareness of farm safety.

This is an initiative by a group of students and their teachers at Nenagh CBS in North Tipperary. Students Patrick Fogarty, Jack Gleeson, Michael Ryan, Paul Seymour, Patrick Quigley and their teacher Paul Butler, have taken the lead in addressing this issue and educating friends, families and the farming community about the dangers that exist on farms. This is also being supported by Embrace Farm and the HSA.

Check out the video here.

Enter the competition here.

AgriKids Farm Safety Webinars

AgriKids are running a series of daily webinars for children from ages of 4 to 12 years.  Covering topics such as signage, machinery and animal behaviours, there will be something for your budding farmers that will engage, educate and empower them to be farm safety ambassadors. Supported by Flogas, click here for further details and how to register.

When Event
Monday 20th July10:30am Story Time – part 1‘The Tree Swing’ & Safety Signs

Suitable for 4-7 yo

Tuesday, 21st July10:30am Know the SignsAnimal and Farm Yard Safety

Suitable for 8-12 yo

Wednesday, 22nd July10:30am Story Time – part 2‘The Big Brown Bull’ & Animal Safety

Suitable for 4-7 yo

Thursday, 23th July10:30am MachineryTractor, Quads & PTOs

Suitable for 8-12 yo

Friday, 24th July10:30am Story Time – part 3‘The Red Tractor’ and Machinery Safety

Suitable for 4-7 yo

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