Farmers Facing Armageddon from Brexit – Minister Has to Get Commission Support Immediately

IFA President Joe Healy said that Irish farmers are already bearing the brunt of the impending Brexit through disastrous beef prices. “Minister Creed needs to put on the green jersey and tog out, right now, for Irish farmers who are facing a potential Armageddon from Brexit,” he said.

Along with price supports, Joe Healy said the Minister needs to insist that for every 5c/kg change in the cattle price, the EU Commission makes provision for €20 per head compensation on every beef animal slaughtered.

IFA Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said, “Irish beef farmers cannot wait until April for the Minister to act on EU price support and compensation. We need Minister Creed to act immediately and get out to Brussels and make it clear to Commissioner Hogan and the Commission that Irish beef farmers cannot be the ones to carry the cost of Brexit losses.”

He said at current cattle price levels, winter finishers are already shipping major losses, which is not sustainable. He said prices are 25c/kg or €90 per head below this time last year.
Cattle prices at the factories are at a base of €3.75/kg for steers and €3.85/kg for heifers. Cow prices are ranging from €2.60 to €3.30/kg with R grades at €3.00+/kg.

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