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Farmers Must be Part of Key Discussions at COP27

IFA President Tim Cullinan and European Director Liam MacHale are attending COP27 in Egypt this week. 

As President of IFA, Vice President of COPA the European farmers’ organisation, and a member of the European Constituency of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), Tim Cullinan is representing farmers in discussions and events at several levels. The IFA delegation is also engaging with Irish government representatives attending COP27.

Speaking from Egypt, Tim Cullinan said, “Farmers from all over the world are attending and will be focused on how our sector can contribute to emissions reduction while continuing to produce food through a sustainable food system”.

“The focus will be on trying to reduce emissions per unit of nutrition. We have an increasing world population. The world will need more food, not less. There is a huge amount of research going on globally into reducing emissions at farm level. This is a global challenge and farmers from every country must pool our knowledge to address the problem,” he said. 

“These solutions must be reached in an inclusive, farmer-driven process that recognises the diversity of farming systems. Climate action must complement action on improving global food security,” he said.

“Farmers are here and ensuring we are part of the conversation,” he said. 

The IFA President will be present for the UNFCCC Agriculture and ‘Food Systems Day on Friday’ and at the COP27 Presidency ‘Agriculture Day’ on Saturday.

He will attend and participate in official World Farmers’ Organisation side events and will participate in daily farmer constituency meetings which will co-ordinate participation and draft communication statements to ensure the profile of farmers remains high during the negotiations.

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