Brexit: General Affairs Council (article 50) 25 September

General Affairs Council (Art. 50)

Preparatory documents

Agenda highlights

Brexit negotiations: state of play

The Council, in an EU 27 format, will discuss the state of play of Brexit negotiations with the fourth round of talks with the UK being launched the same week. Michel Barnier, the EU Chief Negotiator, will brief the ministers on the progress in negotiations so far.

The framework for negotiations and the overall EU positions and principles for the talks are set out in the European Council guidelines of 29 April 2017. The guidelines also set out a phased approach for the negotiations. The current first phase of the talks aims to provide as much clarity and legal certainty as possible and to settle the disentanglement of the UK from the EU.

When the European Council, in an EU 27 format, deems sufficient progress has been achieved in the first phase, negotiations will proceed to the next phase, during which discussions on an overall understanding of the future relationship may start. Nevertheless, an agreement on a future relationship between the EU and the UK can only be concluded once the UK becomes a third country. 

October European Council (Art. 50)

Ministers will begin preparations for the European Council (Art.50) of October 2017 by discussing an annotated draft agenda.

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