Climate Action

Govt Must Adhere to its Own Legislation on Climate Action

IFA President Tim Cullinan said the Government’s policy on climate action will be undermined if it fails to adhere to what is set down in its own climate legislation.

Tim Cullinan said there are three separate actions that have to be carried out ahead of any decision.

“The Government has to carry out proper assessments of the impact any proposed emissions ceilings will have on food production, farmers’ livelihoods, the agri sector and rural Ireland,” he said.

Secondly, they must also produce a full report on the carbon leakage effect, as is required in their own Act. It is clear that reducing food production in Ireland will lead to increases in production in other countries with less stringent climate rules. This is likely to increase global emissions rather than reduce them,” he said. 

Thirdly, there is an obligation, as set out in the act, to have regard to the ‘distinct characteristics’ of biogenic methane. There is no evidence that the Government has had any regard to this. They must clarify their position on this before they announce any sectoral emissions ceilings.

In conclusion, the IFA President said the Government must have full regard to its own Act.

“The Government cannot include clauses in an Act to get more support for it at the time it is passing through the Oireachtas, and then not take them into account when it comes to implementing the subsequent legislation,” he said.

“We have written to Taoiseach about these issues and we are awaiting a response,” he said. 

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