IFA Acknowledges Moves on PGI, but more is Needed

Following today’s Beef Taskforce meeting, IFA President Tim Cullinan acknowledged moves to address concerns raised by IFA.

“Some important changes have been proposed in the document, as well as a specific commitment to develop and promote a suckler brand. IFA will consider the proposals, but we still have a number of concerns, principally the exclusion of young bulls,” he said.

“While we understand the importance of securing a PGI, we must get it right. To be fair to the Minister, he has been willing to listen to the issues raised by IFA, but we need farmer buy in. Any benefits must go to farmers, particularly suckler farmers, not factories or retailers,” he said.

“We will be considering the documents presented today and engaging further with the Department and the Minister with a view to trying to reach agreement at the next Taskforce meeting on October 12th,” he said.

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