IFA President Attends Farm Protest in Brussels

IFA President Tim Cullinan will attend a farm protest in Brussels this morning to highlight the dangers for farming in EU proposals, as the latest CAP trilogue continues. 

The event is organised by Copa-Cogeca, of which Tim Cullinan is the 1st Vice-President, and the Belgian farmers’ groups la Fédération Wallonne de l’Agriculture and Boerenbond.

This Flash Action will focus on “CAP, Farm to Fork, Biodiversity Strategy, Trade policy – the domino effect that will crush EU farmers!”

“A cohort of farmers, many of who are our most productive farmers, are being hit with huge cuts under the CAP. In addition, climate proposals contained in the Green Deal could result in huge additional regulation being imposed on the same group of farmers,” he said.

“The EU policies, and those of our own Government, will have a very negative impact on these farmers and will make them unviable,” he said.

According to the Teagasc National Farm survey, only one-third of farmers in Ireland are viable.

“Farmers want to work on climate action, but there has to be real engagement. Setting targets without any regard for the consequences won’t work,” he said.

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