IFA Shannon & Flooding Project Team Meet to Set Out Priorities

The IFA Flooding Project Team met this week to agree the priority areas they will focus on for farmers affected by flooding along the River Shannon.

IFA Flooding Project Team chair Brendan Golden said, “the Project Team’s main priority is to protect farmers, their land, and people’s livelihoods and homes along the River Shannon, along with the wildlife and surrounding environment”.

The Project Team will be looking for a meeting with Minister Kieran O’Donnell, who has been given responsibility for OPW in the reshuffle.

“The River Shannon must be maintained properly. Measures must be put in place to help alleviate the flooding problem by allowing the water levels to reduce without unnecessary restriction. It’s affecting farmers, who suffer major losses, and it also causes disruption for businesses in the flooded areas,” he said.

Brendan Golden said, “we need the relevant bodies to engage with IFA to rectify the problems and guarantee the proper maintenance of the River Shannon into the future”.

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