Minister Creed Must Insist That the EU Commission Brings New Money to the Table

IFA President Tim Cullinan said that Minister Creed must deliver for Irish farmers at today’s EU Farm Council meeting.

“The response to date from the European Commission has been totally inadequate. While some of the storage aid measures have helped to bring some degree of stability to some EU markets, a lot more is needed,” he said.

“Beef finishers are being hammered, the sheep sector is now being hit while there is real concern for dairy markets,” he said.

“So far, only €80million has been committed by the Commission to address issues across all sectors in 27 member states. A lot of the Commission’s other proposals are just moving money around and offering member states the opportunity to ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’,” he said.

“The Commission needs to come with new money targeted where the need is the greatest,” he said.

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