IFA and Muintir Na Tire Discuss Rural Affairs Issues

At a joint meeting of the IFA and Muintir na Tíre, both organisations agreed to work together to tackle the growing incident of robberies and thefts in rural Ireland.

IFA Deputy President + Countryside spokesman Eddie Downey said, “The increased incidence of metal and fuel thefts from farm yard and out-farms needs to be tackled urgently. The Association has called for the immediate introduction of a metal compliance scheme which requires all scap-yards to question where the metal came from and issue a receipt. In addition the National Crime Council, which sets out crime policy needs to be re-invigorated.”

The President of Muintir na Tíre John Hogan said, “Muintir na Tíre operates the Community Alert programme and building on this rural security initiative has the capacity to increase vigilance in the countryside. All rural dwellers must be vigilant of any unusual and strange activity and report it to An Garda Síochána.”

Muintir na Tíre welcomes the opportunity to discuss these and other issues relating to the regeneration of Ireland with the Irish Farmers’ Association.

Both organisation agreed to work together to identify practical ways to support people living in the countryside

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