Climate Action

Thomond Park Declaration Provides a Pathway to Farming & Climate Action

IFA President Tim Cullinan has said farmers will work to reduce emissions and meet the challenge of climate action, but it cannot be at the expense of their incomes or the removal of their livelihoods. 

Launching the Thomond Park Declaration on Climate Action today, he said the Declaration has six principles that should underpin Government policy when it comes to climate action.

The Declaration follows the Climate Summit held in Thomond Park in January, which was attended by over 400 farmers and representatives from across the sector.

The IFA Environment Committee and the IFA National Council compiled and agreed the Declaration, which summarises IFA’s position on a number of climate and environment issues.

IFA presented the Declaration to TDs and Senators today as part of a campaign to achieve a balance between climate action and food production.

IFA Environment Chair Paul O’Brien said one of the key themes is sustainability across the three pillars of environment, social and economic.

Other areas covered include the accurate calculation of emissions and removals; the risk of carbon leakage; land use change issues; and new funding.

The Declaration can be read in full here.

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