Tirlan Package an Important Step to Support Farmers

IFA President Francie Gorman acknowledged the intervention by Tírlan today, after the co-op announced it would pay a 3c/l weather top-up on March milk, along with other support payments. 

The IFA President met with Tírlan this afternoon, where the IFA delegation was briefed on the details of the package. 

“This is the kind of solidarity that farmers need as they grapple with the dreadful weather conditions. Apart from the milk price top-up, there are other measures to help provide feed at a reduced price, and improve cashflow for farmers,” he said.

Francie Gorman said other co-ops and processors should follow the example set by Tírlan and introduce a similar set of measures that will assist farmers through what is a very difficult period.

“IFA had suggested the top-up to the March milk price and it is good to see this forthcoming from Tírlan,” he said.

The National Fodder and Food Security Committee will convene again tomorrow. Teagasc has established a fodder register to identify any parts of the country that may be running low on stocks.