Farm Business Committee

Rose Mary McDonagh

Chair Farm Business Committee


Shane Whelan

Farm Business Executive


About the Farm Business & Taxation Committee

The IFA Farm Business Committee is a national committee, with elected representatives from all 29 of IFA’s County Executives. Committee members come from all different sectors of farming, thereby providing a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the business issues facing farm families. The Farm Business Committee has the lead role in developing the IFA annual pre-budget submission.

The key roles of the farm business committee are:

  • Development of taxation policy proposals for farm businesses and families and identifying measures necessary to support farm investment, promote farm transfer and land mobility.
  • Liaising with the banking sector on issues of credit relevant to farmers – access to credit, the cost of credit and length of decision making on loan applications
  • Assisting farmers who may be encountering credit difficulties

Farm Business & Taxation Committee

CHAIRMANRose Mary McDonagh087 7426779
VICE CHAIRBill O’Keeffe086 8392396
CARLOWGilbert Smyth087 2607972
CAVANOwen Brodie087 2021048
CLARERosaleen O’Reilly087 2286819
CORK (C)Marie McCarthy087 2354353
CORK (N)Liam O’Doherty087 2667138
CORK (W)Jerry O’Sullivan087 9856745
DONEGALGeorge Starrett087 2314905
DUBLINPadraic McMahon086 2265242
GALWAYDeirdre Mongan087 7957910
KERRYHelen O’Mahony087 2461714
KILDARERobert Greene087 7572742
KILKENNYBill O’Keeffe086 8392396
LAOISPat Hennessy086 8257483
LEITRIMDavid Notley087 4127081
LIMERICKTom Cribbin 087 9407034
LONGFORDRoy McCormack086 8146136
LOUTHRiona Meehan087 6693233
MAYOMartin Gilvarry086 6082173
MEATHDavid Hannon086 8140063
MONAGHANJanet Hill086 1687917
OFFALYNoel Keyes087 8636962
ROSCOMMONGerard Fallon086 1298317
SLIGOJP Cowley087 6917239
TIPP. NTHMichael Leonard087 2673534
TIPP. STHBernadette Quinn086 8122629
WATERFORDJames Power087 2064370
WESTMEATHPaul Slevin087 6527616
WEXFORDJohn Kelly087 6409615
WICKLOWJohn Mallick087 2997105
Co-optMartin Stapleton086 8244719