Farm Family Committee

Teresa Roche

Chair Farm Family & Social Affairs Committee

083 8455272 [email protected]

Claire McGlynn

Policy Executive

01 4260343 [email protected]

About the IFA Farm Family & Social Affairs Committee

The Committee provides a voice to farm families on social issues within the Association, as well as at National and European levels to ensure that policies are developed to help farm families.  The Committee strives to keep farm families notified of changes in procedures or policies, as well as dealing with individual cases that affect them and their community.  Some of the issues that the Committee are currently working on are:

  • Pensions – Securing entitlements for farm women so they qualify for pensions in their own right and updating farm families on changes to the pension system.
  • Fair Deal Scheme – Lobbying for a cap on the maximum charge that can be applied to non-residential, productive assets.
  • Farm Safety – SAVE LIVES – Think Safety, Farm Safely campaign to encourage farmers to improve working practices and take preventative action to reduce risks.
  • Health – Supporting farm families to make positive changes to improve overall mental health and well-being through awareness and education.

Directory of Useful Farm Family Supports & Services

IFA Farm Family & Social Affairs Committee

CHAIRTeresa Roche083 8455272
CARLOWMichael Purcell086 0677905
CAVANElizabeth Tilson086 2758806
CLARECaroline Lynch087 2317114
CORK (C)Claire O’Keeffe087 2475481
CORK (N)Catherine Fox 086 1994706
CORK (W)Micheál Looney 086 2517976
DONEGALChristine Friel086 4781846
DUBLINElizabeth McCarthy086 8608258
GALWAYTeresa Roche083 8455272
KERRYKathleen Herlihy087 2291583
KILDAREDiana Massey086 370 0562
KILKENNYGemma Sherman086 8393929
LAOISMary Barber087 7649931
LEITRIMMary McGovern086 1705211
LIMERICKPeggy Cooke087 7768529
LONGFORDGretta Tynan 087 9901097
LOUTHConcepta Quigley 087 1522980
MAYOAmy Mulchrone087 7805805
MEATHFiona Curran087 6492857
MONAGHANMary Deery087 4104709
OFFALYRichard Scally087 2027050
ROSCOMMONFrances Keane086 2424470
SLIGOKathleen Henry087 2219961
TIPP. NTHMargaret Mounsey086 2138487
TIPP. STHMary Jo Heffernan087 6481284
WATERFORDBetty Coughlan086 3903999
WEXFORD Elizabeth McDonald083 4222390
WESTMEATHEithne Scally086 2507501
WICKLOWAnne Jennings086 3682321