Hill Farming Committee

Cáillin Conneely

Chair Hill Farming Committee

087-1314969 [email protected]

Shane Whelan

Senior Policy Executive

01-4260346 [email protected]

About the Hill Farming Committee

  • The Hill Farmers Committee represents 20,000 hill farmers.
  • The main objective to the Committee is to improve farm income and to seek supports through various measures which are necessary to sustain in these difficult areas.
  • The membership of the Committee is drawn from those counties that have a high proportion of hill land.
  • The Committee deals with all aspects of CAP both Pillar I and Pillar II as it affects hill farmers.
  • It is also involved in the recreational use of hill land mainly through the walks scheme and through involvement with Comhairle na Tuaithe.
CHAIRCáillin Conneely087 1314969
CO-OPTED NMAMichael Biggins087 2895966
CLAREMichael Davoren  087 2252080
CONNEMARA/ GALWAYPatrick O’Rourke Jnr.086 0739068
CORK (W)Neilie O’Leary086 8226784
DONEGALDavid Boyd087 1364509
KERRYPat O’Shea086 1738187
KILDARE / WEST WICKLOWKevin Hanlon087 6577520
LEITRIMPadraig McGowan086 8046458
LOUTHPeter Shields087 2685801
MAYOTony O’Donnell 087 2269496
SLIGOAdrian McIntyre087 4103619
WATERFORD / SOUTH TIPPPeter Hennessy087 9612531
KILKENNYPaul Ryan 086 3756717
WICKLOWPeter Behan087 9379789
CARLOWJay Kelly087 7907475
CO-OPTEDFlor McCarthy086 2612989