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Farm Safety Day 2016

Farm Safety Day 2016 

IFA National Farm Safety Day 2016 takes place on Thursday, July 21st.

The aim of IFA’s National Farm Safety Awareness Day is to encourage farm families to take the time to review their Farm Safety Risk Assessment document and the make farm safety their top priority.

A Farm Safety Planner will be distributed in the Farmers Journal out on Thursday July 21st.

Farm Safety Day 2015

Through our SAVE LIVES, Think Safety, Farm Safely campaign, the IFA encourages all farmers and their families to maintain the highest safety standards on farms to help reduce the number of injuries and deaths.

Farming remains a labour-intensive and sometimes dangerous occupation. Each year farm fatalities reach double figures and more than 1,000 injuries occur on farms. We work with other agencies and organisations to increase farmers’ awareness of best practice in farm safety and to strengthen their commitment to health and safety by proactively addressing unsafe practices on the farm.

Protecting yourself and your family

The best way to protect you, your family and anyone working or visiting the farm is to know where hazzards occur and to eliminate or reduce the risks by implementing appropriate control measures.

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires that all farmers with more than 3 employees must complete a Safety Statement. Farmers with 3 employees or less can comply with the requirement by adhering to the Farm Safety Code of Practice, completing the Farm Safety Risk Assessment and implementing the appropriate control measures.

Download and complete a Risk Assessment

Complete your Risk Assessment online

IFA Farm Safety leaflet – practical tips to improve farm safety 

Resources for schools

Once upon a farm...’  – This educational and engaging farm safety film is aimed directly at primary level students, from both rural and urban areas. Supported by FBD, IFA and ESB Networks, this seven-minute drama has now been sent to the 3,300 primary schools across Ireland to assist teachers in educating their students about the importance of farm and countryside safety.

Dig In! Learn about Life on the Farm and Countryside – a resource for Primary Schools.

From the HSA Farm Safety Competition 2016:

Farm Safely App – for 6 to 16 year olds aiming to teach the dangers present on farms e.g. learning about safety signs, dos and don’ts around farm machinery, links to safety videos, quiz to test their knowledge and more.

Sure chance it! – video illustrating how everyday phrases can encourage you to take unnecessary and life changing risks on the farm.

Little foot – book and Facebook page for 3 to 10 year olds with fun activities.

Be Farm Safe – a video presentation showing the main causes of farm deaths and how to prevent them.

Have the right crush – short animated film about the importance of getting the right animal crush on farms.

Student project information

IFA’s Think Safety Farm Safely campaign was launched by the then President, Mary McAleese, on 25th January 2011.  International research has shown that promotion and education is the best way to reduce farm accidents and bring about a real change of safety culture in Irish farms; therefore, IFA’s campaign has been based on this.

2010 was a terrible year for farm fatalities with 25 deaths taking place.  Although the fatalities did decrease a little in the last few years, unfortunately 2014 was also tragic, with the total figure of farm deaths being 29.  In 2016 there were 21 – click here for further information on the fatalities.

Below are links to information regarding farm safety:


FirstLight provides support to families whose child dies suddenly, up to and including the age of 12.  They provide professional and qualified care, compassion, and professional support to bereaved parents and families in their darkest hour.  Their services are available countrywide and are open to any person who feels they could benefit from them.  For more information click here or call LoCall Helpline: 1850 391 391


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