All Glas Payments Must Now Be Made

IFA Rural Development Chairman, Joe Brady has called on Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to ensure that all 10,000 farmers awaiting GLAS payments receive those payments immediately.

Joe Brady said many of these farmers have incurred significant costs in compliance with the scheme through a combination of planner fees and actions to comply. Farmers are significantly out of pocket as a result of delays.

The Rural Development Chairman said that payments to farmers who have set up partnerships are being held up and he warned that this sends a very poor signal that partnerships will add to delays in payments not just in GLAS but in other schemes.

There are 38,000 farmers in GLAS 1 and 2 but only 70% have so far been paid their 85% payment.

In relation to GLAS 3, the IFA Rural Development Chairman said all 14,000 farmers who applied must be accepted into the scheme, including the 830 Tier 3 farmers. This will bring the total in the GLAS scheme to around 52,000 farmers and well within the annual allocated amount of €250m promised in the 2014-2020 RDP. Scope exists to bring in additional farmers later this year.

Joe Brady said that GLAS 3 farmers must be notified of their acceptance into the scheme before the end of January. This will allow full year payment to be made later in 2017.

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