Basic Payment Open for Applications – IFA Encourages Farmers to Apply Online

Organic Farming Scheme

IFA Deputy President Richard Kennedy said farmers should make their Basic Payment application online in order to benefit from the many advantages in terms of early processing, reduced errors and payment on time within the deadlines set down in the Charter of Farmers Rights.

Richard Kennedy said with applications now open for 2017, more farmers should consider moving their application from manual to on line. “IFA has ensured that the pre-checking system for all online BPS applications introduced last year will be available again this year.”

Richard Kennedy pointed that the benefits of using the online system are considerable and include earlier application date, pre-checking, instant confirmation of receipt of application, reduced application errors and greater accuracy, maps online, text alert from the Department, payment on time within deadlines and linkages to other schemes.

IFA will be meeting the Department on Thursday to press for resources to be made available to facilitate farmers in making an online application. This resource will be particularly relevant for farmers who don’t have access to broadband. In 2018, all applications will have to be made online.

Number of Farmers applying online

Year       Number of Farmers on line

2007                             7,540

2008                             19,645

2009                             34,461

2010                             43,587

2011                             54,383

2012                             65,143

2013                             73,507

2014                             80,003

2015                             93,044

2016                             102,000

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