Deadline Extension for ACRES Scorecards Cannot Lead to Payment Delays

IFA Rural Development Chairman Michael Biggins has acknowledged the extension to the deadline for the submission of ACRES scorecards.

The Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue announced that the deadline for the submission of results-based scorecards would be extended by four-weeks until Fri, Sept 29th next.

“An extension to the original deadline of August 31st was needed. The scores awarded in year 1 of the scheme set the baseline for farmers to improve upon for the coming years. Rushed jobs would only have led to shortcomings for farmers down the line,” he said.

“While it is positive that planners have been facilitated, it is important that this extension does not result in yet another delay to the proposed scheme payment dates for 2023. The Department has already proposed a delay in payments for vital schemes, such as ANC by one month until October 17th, and BISS & CRISS by a week until 24th October. These delays are likely to cause farmers short-term cashflow issues; any more delays cannot be tolerated.”

“Environment scheme payments make up a significant portion of family farm income each year. With farmers having already paid for ACRES plans to be completed, as well as additional charges for scoring, it is vital that these monies are received by farmers as soon as possible,” he concluded.

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