Delayed Payments Causing Hardship on 3,000 Farms

IFA Deputy President Tim O’Leary has called on Minister Coveney to immediately make payments to the remaining farmers who are due their Basic Payment. He said that the Minister’s recent comments that these remaining payments will only be sorted out over a two-to-three week period will be of concern to farmers experiencing extreme financial difficulties as a result of delays.

He said the delays associated with partnerships and Private Contract Clauses must be sorted out immediately as affected farmers are suffering serious cash flow problems.

Tim O’Leary also called for all outstanding ANC payments to be made as confirmation of the stocking rate criteria will have been verified at the end of December for the remaining farmers who are due payments.

In relation to the Young Farmer Scheme and National Reserve, Tim O’Leary said all cases must be resolved within the next couple of weeks as many of these farmers have financial commitments to make on their farms.

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