Do You Know when Your Payments Are Due?

Payment Dates

A total of €1.7bn in farm scheme payments is due to farmers before the end of the year. Find out when you can expect your payments.

Scheme How much? When? To how many farmers?
BPS including Greening and Young Farmer Scheme €1.2bn Advance on October 16th. Remainder due December 1st 124,000
ANCs €205m Commencing September 18th 95,000
Knowledge Transfer €20m Commencing end of October 20,000
GLAS €220m Commencing end of October/Early November 50,000
Sheep Welfare €20m November/December 20,000
BDGP €42m November/December 23,000
Organics €10m October/November 1,700
2017 National Reserve €5m December 1st 1,300

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