Exclusion of Dairy Equipment Scheme from TAMS an Insult to the Sector

IFA National Dairy Chairman Stephen Arthur said the exclusion of the dairy equipment scheme from TAMS in the consultation document for the CAP strategic plan is actively discriminating against the dairy sector.

We are insisting that it’s re-instated to support investment in our sector.

“The Department is quick to forget the vital importance of the dairy sector to the rural economy. Our thriving growth in exports carried this country out of the recession, yet they are turning their backs on us now,” he said.

The Dairy Equipment Scheme is one of the most popular schemes within TAMS.

Since its introduction, over 7,800 farmers have received grant aid from the scheme amounting to over €56m. This translates to total investment of over €120m in dairy equipment on farms.

“Dairy farmers need continued support to meet increasing demands in the marketplace. The Department has to make provisions for this vital scheme in the next CAP,” he said.

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