Forestry Premium Payments Begin

The first tranche of annual tax-free forestry premium payments for 2017 are currently being issued to forest owners.  

A total of €26.80 million is being paid in this bulk payment run in respect of some 6,900 forest premium applications. The Department will continue to process on-line applications for 2017 forest premiums as they are received, with payments being issued on a weekly basis.
Forest owners may continue to apply for the payment of the annual premium online, through the Department’s Online Services.

For applicants who use the paper based application system, a further bulk premium payment run will be made in April 2017. Application forms for the paper based system will issue in February 2017.

The grants available under the Afforestation Grant and Premium Scheme cover the cost of establishing the forest plantation and the Scheme also provides for payment of annual forestry premium of up to €635 per hectare for 15 years – get more details.

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