Get Your Glas 3 Application in by Thursday


If you want to apply for the third phase of GLAS, you should ensure your advisor submits an application on your behalf by the deadline, Thursday, December 15th. 

More than 14,500 applications have been made for GLAS 3 so far, with almost 95% either Tier 1 or Tier 2.

If your application has been prepared, saved and validated and the correct actions chosen, it should be submitted as soon as possible to avoid the risk of slow internet connection, which may inhibit the submission of applications closer to the deadline.

Get more information on GLAS

IFA Rural Development Chairman Joe Brady has urged the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to accept all applicants to GLAS, given the unprecedented demand from farmers to get into the scheme. He said  the Minister needs to increase the numbers to at least 55,000 from the 1st January next so that between then and the end of the RDP in December 2020, the €250m annual average pay-out is achieved over the lifetime of the RDP – read more.


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