Glas Anomalies Blocking Bps Applications Online Resolved

Farmers who have had online BPS applications blocked due to GLAS problems can now proceed with applications, the Department of Agriculture has confirmed to IFA.

Applicants who experienced difficulties relating to GLAS should be aware that if they had previously begun a BPS application, they may be required to delete that application and begin a new application. In such cases the following notice will be displayed when the applicant attempts to complete the application.

“Please note that the data presented on your GLAS claim screens has been updated since you last edited your application. In order to capture the updated data as part of your 2017 BPS application you must delete the current application and create a new application.”


Until this week, some farmers could not make their BPS application online as their GLAS payments were delayed or they had not yet been approved for GLAS III. Following representations by IFA, assurance was given that the would be resolved this week.

Farmers have until Monday, May 15th to apply for BPS, as well as the transfer of entitlements, the National Reserve and Young Farmer Scheme. The deadline for amending BPS applications is May 31st.

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