IFA Calls for All Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 Tams Approvals to Be Made Immediately

Farm Inspections

With TAMS approvals due to commence, IFA Rural Development Chairman Joe Brady has called for all 5,000 farmers who have applied for tranche 1 and tranche 2 of the TAMS scheme to be given approval to proceed with urgent work.

Joe Brady said that the delays in getting approvals issued is a cause for concern, but with approvals due to commence next week it is important that farmers are allowed to make the necessary investments on their farms under the various elements of the scheme.

Sheep fencing and tillage
Joe Brady also said that with EU approval imminent for the sheep fencing and tillage schemes, it is vitally important that these measures are put into the existing tranche of the scheme which will finish at the end of June. This is critical as it will allow sheep and tillage farmers entry into the TAMS scheme which has been denied to them in the first two tranches.

Concluding, Joe Brady said that it is important that there are no further problems with approvals under the TAMS scheme, which has an allocation of €395m in the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. It is important that all of this funding is fully utilised to allow agriculture to make the necessary investment that plays a critical role in the viability of thousands of farmers.

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