IFA Demands Action from Minister Coveney on Tams Approvals

IFA Rural Development Chairman Flor McCarthy has demanded that Minister Coveney immediately addresses the approvals for TAMS II grant scheme for those farmers who want to urgently proceed to carry out critical investment on their farms.

“It is now six weeks since the Young Farmers scheme closed and it is unacceptable that the Minister is allowing this situation develop” Flor McCarthy pointed out

Continuing, the IFA Rural Development Chairman said “Already the first tranche has closed for most schemes and if the handling of the first tranche of the Young Farmers scheme is anything to go by it does not auger well for the scheme as a whole”.

Concluding, Flor McCarthy said, “The problem is particularly acute for dairy farmers who have a window for investment when cow is dried off. If they do not get the go ahead soon, then they will either postpone their investments or else leave behind much needed grant aid of 60%”.

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