IFA Gets Clarification on Eligiblity of Designated Natura Land for 2016 Bps

Targeted agri-environment schemes

IFA SAC Project Chairman Tom Turley has confirmed that the Department of Agriculture has clarified the position for farmers with Natura land in relation to 2016 BPS applications.

Tom Turley said, if Natura land was claimed in 2008 and was eligible but has since become ineligible as a result of the management requirement or ecological objective of the Natura site, then that land remains eligible if it continues to be farmed.

Tom Turley said that this clarification is important, as some farmers were having land ruled out for various payments.

There may also be instances where farmers have been unfairly penalised and IFA will make a case for a refund. A recalculation of BPS may also apply as the land may have been eligible in 2013 or 2015 and these years are used to calculate the BPS in 2015 and beyond.

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