IFA Gets Planning Concession for Young Farmers in Tams

IFA Rural Development Chairman, Flor McCarthy has said that qualifying young farmers who applied in the first tranche for the Young Farmer TAMS scheme and who are turning 40 years of age and/or would have exceeded the five-year Young Farmer establishment rule in the second tranche, if they were turned down due to not having full planning permission, have been given a concession.

At a meeting with the Department of Agriculture on TAMS, Flor McCarthy said when the first tranche closed on 25th September last some young farmers did not have full planning permission and as a result were being pushed into the second tranche. However some of them would not have been eligible as they would have exceeded the five-year rule or the 40 year age limit. A concession has now been given that these young farmers can submit full planning permission before Friday, 11th December for the works that they have to carry out. If this concession had not been given these young farmers would have missed out on the 60% grant rate.

In relation to general TAMS approval, the Department of Agriculture has confirmed that 750 farmers are being contacted who have applied for dairy investment under either the Young Farmers Scheme or the Dairy Equipment Scheme. It is important that those farmers who urgently need to proceed contact the Department so that approval to proceed can be issued under the priority heading which IFA discussed with the Department that week.

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