IFA Outlines Case for National Reserve for Young Farmers in 2017

Following a meeting of the CAP Advisory Committee in the Department of Agriculture today, IFA Deputy President Richard Kennedy said IFA is very clear on the need for a National Reserve for young farmers in 2017. He said the National Reserve can be funded from unused funds allocated under the Young Farmer Scheme without the necessity to take any additional funds from existing entitlements.

Richard Kennedy said the Department of Agriculture outlined to the committee that there is €5.1m in unused funds from the Young Farmer Scheme available and this can be used to establish a reserve for 2017. He said IFA made it very clear to the Department at the advisory committee that imposing an additional linear cuts on existing entitlements is not acceptable to farmers. Richard Kennedy said there was full agreement at the committee on this important point.

The IFA Deputy President said Irish farmers have made a very positive contribution to young farmers in terms of funding and allocation of additional entitlements through the National Reserve.

He said under the CAP Reform in 2015, young farmers were allocated a total of €52.5m from the National Reserve and Young Farmer Scheme. He said under the National Reserve in 2015, 6,260 farmers – of which 5,570 were young farmers – received an average payment of €9,000 in Basic Payment and Greening. In addition, 9,050 young farmers received an average of €2,900 payment top-up under the Young Farmers Scheme in 2015 and this continued into 2016.

Details of allocation and payments

2015 National Reserve
Successful applicants: 5,570 young farmers, 410 new entrants, 280 old young farmers
33.75 average allocation
Average BPS €6,250, Greening (44%) €2,750, Total €9,000,

2015 Young Farmers Scheme
Successful applicants; 8,200.
42.9 average entitlements activated
Average YFS payment €2,900.

2016 Young Farmer Scheme
9,250 applicants of which 90% have been processed to date.

Scottish Derogation
2,080 successful application with an average allocation of €400.

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