IFA Will Make Payment Delays the Main Issue at Next Week’s Charter Meeting

IFA Deputy President Tim O Leary said the backlog on payments under the Basic Payment Scheme is unacceptable and the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney must intervene with the Department to remove the barriers preventing an advance payment to all farmers at this stage.

Tim O Leary said IFA will be making the delay in payments the major issue at next week’s first meeting of the new Charter of Rights Monitoring Committee, under the Chairmanship of Sean Brady.

Tim O Leary said IFA is demanding that the Department makes an advance to all farmers without delay and a clear schedule is put forward by the Department as to when the issues holding back payments will be resolved.

The IFA Deputy President said there is growing anger and frustration among farmers who have not received their advance payment. He said what is even more annoying is that they are often unable to make contact with the Department and if and when they do they are not being told when their issues will be resolved.

Tim O’Leary said issues holding back payments such as private contract clauses, digitisation, dual claims, overclaims, etc. must not continue to hold up payments. He said an advance for all farmers not paid at this stage, with the payments being balanced out at a later stage, is urgently required.

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