Minister Creed Must Deliver on Tams Payments


IFA Rural Development Chairman Joe Brady has insisted that Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed makes good on his promise that TAMS II payments are made next week to farmers who have completed work under approvals issued earlier this year.

Speaking following a meeting of the IFA National Rural Development Committee this week, Joe Brady said delays in payments and approvals have left a very bad taste in farmers’ mouths and the Minister must now clearly demonstrate his commitment to this vitally important farm investment scheme.

He said, “Farmers are frustrated with the processing of applications to-date and many farmers have missed the opportunity for investment this year as a result of the approval delays, which have plagued the scheme for the first six months of this year.”

Joe Brady reminded the Minister that in the Rural Development Programme, €395m is allocated for TAMS up to 2020 but at the rate of processing of applications, there is now a great danger that this valuable scheme will not meet its targets.

IFA has made detailed proposals for improvements to the scheme in the RDP amendment, which is due to be sent to Brussels shortly, to include additional items such as underpasses, additional pigs and poultry investment, as well as other items.

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