Progress on Payments Vital to Deal with Income Crisis

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IFA Deputy President Richard Kennedy has said the progress by the Department of Agriculture on payments this year is helping to address the severe income crisis and cashflow difficulties on many farms.

The IFA Deputy President said 116,000 farmers have so far received €764m under the Basic Payment Scheme and 84,200 farmers have received €82m in ANC payments. This is ahead of payment rates this time last year in terms of the number of farmers who have been paid and it is important that this level of progress continues ahead of the final 30% BPS pay-out on December 1st.

Richard Kennedy said the Young Farmer Top-up to around 8,000 farmers is fully due on December 1st.

In relation to ANCs, the minimum stocking level is being achieved by more farmers and the numbers paid will progressively increase towards the end of the year as the criteria is met.

Ricard Kennedy said outstanding files held up over digitisation, over-claims or under-claims must be sorted out so that payments can be made to those farmers who are held up.

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