Reminder: May 31st Deadline for Amendments to Bps Application

With more than 100,000 farmers having applied for BPS online, out of a total of 130,000 by last Monday’s closing date, IFA Deputy President Richard Kennedy has reminded farmers that they have until May 31st to amend their applications, if necessary.

At a recent meeting between IFA and the Department of Agriculture, it was pointed out that farmers who have made an application online will automatically qualify for the new pre-checking arrangement as part of CAP simplification. Where there is a problem farmers will be notified online and via text message before June 13th. Farmers will be given a week to respond. Files and applications may be rectified without any penalty.

At the recent meeting with the Department Richard Kennedy requested a 70% advance of the BPS in October next to deal with the serious income crisis that most farmers are experiencing in 2016.

The IFA Deputy President said, the Department has indicated that final 2015 statements will be issued by the end of May. This will be followed by the 3% balancing payment to all farmers and this will be followed by the Financial Discipline/Crisis Reserve Fund and unused National Reserve Funds. IFA estimates the total amount due to farmers in June will be around €50m.

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