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Review of Dept Appeals System Must be Implemented Without Delay

IFA Deputy President Brian Rushe said it’s high time the Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue implemented the recommendations of the Independent Review of the Department appeals system. 

The independent review group was established in response to genuine concerns about the appeals system and this review was carried out and published in 2017.

The review recognised the need for change, making several significant recommendations, including the establishment of an Agricultural Appeals Review Panel with an independent Chair, and to include a farmer nominee.  

“Farmers do not perceive the current appeals office to be sufficiently independent. While we don’t agree with everything in the review, it was widely acknowledged as being a step forward,” he said.

Brian Rushe said the Programme for Government committed to this review. The Minister reiterated this commitment at the IFA AGM to establish the appeal panel.  We’re told that legalisation is being worked on to make this happen.

“This review was published over three years ago and the Minister must ensure that the independent Agriculture Appeals Review Panel with farmer representation is established and the recommendations of the Committee are implemented without any further delay.  Farmers can then have confidence in the appeals system, and that their cases will be dealt with fairly, impartially and efficiently,” he said.

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