TAMS Approval Must Be Issued Without Delay

IFA Rural Development Chairman Michael Biggins has called on the Minister of Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue, to ensure that applicants for Tranche 20 of TAMS receive their approval without further delay. 

The applications closed on January 15th, and the approval process is far too slow.  Farmers must obtain TAMS approval to allow them commence work on farms without further delay.

“All Tranche 20 applicants, including the applicants carried over from previous tranches, must receive approval.  IFA is urging the Minister to ensure that the delays in previous tranches are addressed. The problem with delays will continue unless the carryover is resolved. This issue must be rectified to avoid on-farm investment plans stalling,” he said.

Michael Biggins pointed out that only 70% of applicants have been approved for the last two tranches.  Unsuccessful applicants have been carried forward, leaving them facing uncertain situations concerning their investments. 

“I am calling on the Minister for Agriculture to clarify that there will be at least three more tranches in 2021 and that the next TAMS tranche will open for applications immediately after Tranche 21 closes on April 16th.  There must be no gap between the closing of one tranche and the opening of another.” 

Over €270m has been paid to 19,200 applicants to date, and a further €80 million was announced in the Budget for TAMS.

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