Training for Bgdp Participants to Begin


The roll-out of general training to all BDGP Participants will begin this week. Participation in the training is a requirement of the scheme and will provide farmers with information on the scheme requirements at farm level and on genomics and breeding selection.

The course will be run by Teagasc and will be rolled out across the country, commencing on Monday the 21st March. The course takes four hours. Under the terms of the BDGP Scheme, participants must complete the training by October 31st 2016. The cost of training will be covered separately under the Rural Development Programme with farmers receiving €166 in addition to their annual scheme payments for successful completion of the course.

All BDGP participants will be invited to attend in the coming months. Once you receive your invitation, you will have four days to respond by phone. All courses are by invitation and will be pre-booked so you can’t just walk in on the day. In the event that the BDGP participant cannot attend it will be possible to nominate somebody to attend on their behalf

The object of the training is to:

  • outline how you can comply with the requirements of the BDGP;
    explain how €urostar ratings are derived and how you can use them for your herd;
  • outline the benefits that genomics will bring to beef breeding; and,
  • help you assess your own herd’s ratings and what options you should consider when breeding and sourcing replacements.

If you complete the training after the October 31st deadline, but within six months of the deadline date, a penalty will amount to 20% of your annual payment for both years one and two. If the training is not completed within six months of the deadline, the participant is removed from the programme.

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